This page is for people, parents and carers of children /adults who have autism only, or under diagnosis. 

Autism COVID guidance (1).pdf

Over the last last 5 months, we have helped over 500 families with the covid 19 items.

Due to ongoing costs, we can only allow 1 lanyard per household, any additional ones can be ordered in our store.

Any donations are greatly apprechiated and a massive thank you to those who already donated, it helped those who could not at this time.

The Police in West Cumbria will recognise these, that you have a person with Autism that needs walking and exercise to reduce anxiety and stress at this time, They will approach with a calm and caring manner if they need to,

To display in your car to let police know you have a person with Autism on board, who needs to travel to reduce anxiety and meltdowns at this time.

Please do not abuse this, for personal use only with autism

An Additional badge to let shops, supermarkets, transport and other places aware you have Autism and cannot wear a mask.

Please be aware we cannot guarentee all place will accept this.