Hi, I'm kath, My son Jamie Left School in july 2019 and started Westhouse services in September 2019, I found through the transition period I found myself having to repeat myself alot and information not being passed on to the required proffesionals in regards to Jamie's needs, so it made jamie very anxious when he went to places and they didnt  know his needs.

I decided to make my own portfolio so I was sure all information was fully passed on and no excuses to meet Jamie's needs.

This is the Template free to use, or you could read the one I wrote at our office if you required help, sorry I can't place it on the website as it is personal.
ASAAC portfolio Template[754].pdf

Cumbria Local Offer - www.localoffer.cumbria.gov.uk

Special Educational Needs Code of Practice - Where the code states MUST this means it is the law.
IPSEA (Independent Provider of Special Educational Advice)

This site also offers an APP for your phones - www.specialeducationalneeds.co.uk/

Support and possible grants for families with children and young people up to the age of 19 www.familyfund.org.uk/

Autism Hospital Passport For adults and children

The aim of the hospital passport is to assist people with learning disabilities to provide hospital staff with important information about them and their health when they are admitted to hospital.



Terri Hargraves - Autistic Adult in the wild

Hello, my name is Terri Hargreaves and I am the Autistic Adult in the Wild. I launched this blog site in 2019 following on from being a regular contributor to a workplace autism awareness blog, and I should probably warn you that
I’ve been told that my posts are longer than blog posts are supposed to be.
I try to post one blog a month, usually around the 15th, and the topics come from the random musings of my autistic brain.
I am always open to suggestions thought, so if you have a question you would like me to answer, or a topic you’d like me to cover, you can send me an email at autisticadultinthewild@gmail.com.



Spectrum Holidays

We started Spectrum Holidays after several years of struggling to find suitable holiday accommodation for our autistic son, We provide autism friendly holiday accommodation around the UK and support families with their holiday preparation through the use of visuals and social stories. our website is 



Alan & Jenny's Caravan in Blackpool, Haven Cala Gran - Fleetwood

These gorgeous caravan are themed and designed with sensory needs in mind, Holidays can be booked and be paid via installments before the holiday




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